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Porcelain is a special type of clay.

Because of the bright white colour it is also called “the white gold”.

It consists of kaolin, quartz and feldspar and is extracted in countries like China, USA, England and France.

It is a demanding material and asks much knowledge and perseverance from the designer.

Because of the high temperatures between 1200 – 1400 C. on which it is heated, it is much stronger than earthenware.


As one of the first Europeans the explorer Marco Polo was introduced with porcelain.

He compared the shiny product with the delicate shell of a sea slug, popularly called by the Italians “porcella” (little pig) and he named it porcellana; porcelain.


I make a.o. wafer-thin transparent objects from it, translucent and sometimes provided with coloured pigments.

The sculptures of lacy porcelain with black raku are based on the theme Contrasts.


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